The Covid-19 CSI Response Report Magazine Is Almost Here

This is just to let you know that we are currently conducting a site maintenance and overhaul of our digital technology platform. To help with essential CSI services, we have kept the most recent content available that relates specifically to the changing face of CSI in South Africa. Please feel free to browse! The site will be back up – live and comprehensive – with a new, easy-to-navigate format shortly.

Other than that, I am happy to say that the report we have been slaving away at is now ready for your consumption. The Covid-19 CSI Response print Magazine will be released digitally early next week.
The interviews and information contained in the magazine are so full of depth and relevance to CSI post-Covid-19 that we’ve decided to launch:

  • a digital series of articles;
  • The Great Funders’ Conference ‘Funding Conversation;’ and
  • an e-book

All are borne out of the massive changes we see taking place in our country and, in particular, in the CSI industry. All will offer insights, wisdom and practical tips on how to navigate the CSI landscape over the next couple of months.

Our digital series, e-book and conference are aptly named Adaptable and Responsive. If there is one thing we have learned in the wake of the crisis, it is that we all need to be adaptable and responsive to survive the coming months.

What to expect:

  • The digital series: Adaptable and Responsive

This digital series has its roots in the interviews we have conducted with the 25 decision-makers and leaders, and in the articles we have written as well as the many more that we read during the compilation of The South African Covid-19 CSI Response Magazine.

It raises issues of interest to all in CSI:

  • Funding post-Covid-19: what you need to know
  • Strategies post-Covid-19: how you need to adapt yours to suit the need.
  • Adaptation post-Covid-1: what you need to do to stay relevant and to attract funding.

The Great Funders’ Conference ‘Funding Conversation’: Adaptable and Responsive

To close off the series, we envision bringing four key industry leaders into a room to discuss the future of funding and strategy post Covid-19. A great deal has changed in recent months. Company CSI practitioners are working on their new strategies, new focus areas and new budgets, and NGOs stand to gain by simply keeping abreast of the new-thinking industry – as do CSI practitioners.

The conference will include a focus on the funding parameters of select companies, which are of particular interest to the industry.

The Adaptable and Responsive Conversation of the Great Funders’ Conference will take place on 4 November 2020. It is offered free of charge, or at a very nominal fee of R499 per delegate – still to be decided. Current legislation limits the number to 50 delegates, which means that we can only have 40 delegates (plus speakers) in the room.

Timelines are tight, and we all need to research and conduct due diligence on the industry’s move to the new priority areas.

The e-book: Adaptable and Responsive

  • The series will culminate in an e-book that captures its essence. It will form both an up-to-the minute reflection of changes in CSI, and a ‘self-help manual’ for NGOs and companies seeking a way forward during a time of economic constraint.

Issues that will be covered will include:

  • Practical steps regarding how to implement a new strategy
  • What CSI practitioners and boards will be looking for at this time.
  • How to adapt your business or programme in 2021 to suit the ‘new normal’
  • New focus areas for a new era.

The first of our inspirational leaders:
To kickstart our 12-part digital series on CSI, we will shine the spotlight on Adrian Enthoven, the man who is deputy chairman of the Solidarity Fund.

Many of us do not realise that the Solidarity Fund is not a government initiative but is run independently by a board representing South African businesses. In a very short time, the Solidarity Fund raised over R3 billion from 2 300 companies and 300 000 individuals – a testimony to the goodwill of the people of South Africa.

We sat down with Adrian to learn from him about leadership and decision-making, and most importantly, about how to remain accountable with such fund-raising efforts. The article includes Adrian’s modus operandi under extreme time pressures, and offers us his insights on ethical leadership.

Expect the best!
Read about Adrian and other leaders in the coming weeks – including leaders from Vodacom, Sasol, IDC, Capitec Fosh Qiniso, Old Mutual and others.

Enjoy the e-book to follow, and book your place early for the Adaptable and Responsive Conversation or mini-conference on 4 November, as places will be limited.

The full print version of The Covid-19 CSI Response Report will be released on 18 September 2020, available here:

Here’s to positive change in CSI in the year ahead!